Welcome to a new social platform that pays bloggers and content creators instantly with Monero!

content_creator_infographi_20181130-162726_1 Content Creators get Monero (XMR)
Welcome to a new social platform that pays bloggers and content creators instantly with Monero!

Actilib is a new Social Network and Blogging platform that bans advertising and rewards influencers, bloggers and any type of content creators in realtime with Monero (XMR) or WebChain (WEB) Crypto currency according to the amount and length of visitors visits. This works with webmining technology.

What is webmining?

​Webmining is the process of mining a cryptocurrency with javascript via a web browser. It can be achieved with a browser plugin or some Javascript on a website. This is a new alternative to low revenues and annoying advertising.

Webminig uses a small fraction of visitors unused computer ressources to mine cryptocurrency. On Actilib.com this mining revenue goes to content creators.
You can get Monero or Wechain cryptocurrencies:

On Actilib, webmining revenues go to content creators 

Yes, this applies wherever a content creator can be identified in the blogging section of the site or anywhere in the social network pages.
Our members need to register for free at COINIMP. You can register at coinimp for free using this invitation link:


Once you are on your Coinimp dashboard:

  1. ​You have to select a currency first. Monero or Webchain. Both can  be mined with Webmining.
  2. Create a new site instance from your Coinimp dashboard then click on the little blue screen icon to open the details window like the one below
  3. Select and copy the key like on the screenshot below and paste it to your Actilib.com profile. To the Monero key field if you created a Monero site instance or to your Webchain key field if you created a Webchain site instance.

Here the key is fed450c3d3557e2285510aaac47674ac788e123b84a103aedef2a399a6b45567 (don't use this one use your own)