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Edit your user Binance API settings

    Important Notice if you plan to use our Binance Trading Bot or Binance Portfolio

  • Make sure you visit the site from https://www.actilib.com and it has the green lock
  • Register to Binance cryptocurrencies exchange site for free from here: Binance Registration
  • Enable 2FA authentification on this site from your user account edition
  • Go to your Binance user account, API Settings, create a new API key and call it: www.actilib.com
  • ONLY enable these options: READ INFO (required for both Portfolio & Trading Bot features) and ENABLE TRADING (required for the Trading Bot feature only).
  • Never share 2FA code, API key or API secret to anyone.
  • Copy/paste the API key & API secret in the following form. API Secret will be encrypted before being sotred in our database so nobody can ever see it.
  • If you want to restrict your API use to your IP address, this is your API address: